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Büro Mood

Transparency is possible

We have a wealth of technical options for using online advertising more efficiently and with greater precision: e.g. with real time bidding, addressable TV or platform data targeting. We use video, audio and display ads almost exclusively programmatically. We know what we are doing. And we always know what it does.


Measurable success

Why go at it with a watering can when we have a pipette? Fixed media plans based on volume contracts and purchase commitments from media agencies were yesterday's news. It's success that counts, not the amount of money spent. Technically, we are able to precisely measure the impact of measures. Where necessary, we make immediate improvements without wasting money. This allows us to create a completely new, incredibly fair business model:

We buy advertising space programmatically at our own risk and only charge you for it if we have achieved the agreed KPI. When we now declare: Our customers and we share a common goal, you have to take that literally.

BLUEOAK Approach

Zero media money wasted.

Before we get started, we'll advise you on your advertising strategy and KPIs. Not every goal makes sense with every budget.

Our experience and our BLUEOAK platform let us launch your campaign with confidence. Together, we look at the same data on a daily basis. If something is not going well enough, we correct it early on. Place your campaign confidently in our hands. We bear the risk of success for you.


Three steps to your media success


We define your success KPIs together.

Media booking

We book your media placements at our own expense.


KPIs achieved? Then we charge for them. Otherwise not.


Let's talk openly

You want to know which KPI fits your marketing goals? And under what conditions it can be achieved? Tell us what you have in mind. And we'll tell you if it's possible. Honestly guaranteed.