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Result Guaranteed Advertising

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    Remuneration? Only in the event of success.

    We define your success KPIs together. You only pay when we achieve them. Why do we do this? Because it's fair. And because we can.

    The BlueOak principle
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    Join us as we innovate the industry with Result Guaranteed Advertising.

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Zero Media Money wasted.

Digital marketing is measurable. And with the right knowledge, it can be continuously optimized. We don't just talk about it, we work on it. Day after day, hour after hour. With state-of-the-art tools and experts with years of experience. That's how we measure ourselves. 100%. The time of CPM billing and media planning is finally over.


Result Guaranteed Advertising.


BlueOak technology

We manage campaigns across multiple DSPs with hundreds of strategies. Day after day. An AI-powered algorithm invests your budget every day exactly where it benefits your KPIs. We call it: BLUEOAK Technology for sustainable advertising.

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Why our customers love us

Result Guaranteed Advertising creates honest communication at eye level. We do not promise success that we cannot deliver. And we work in partnership with our customers to achieve our common goal.

Yello Strom

Since we started working with BlueOak, we've been able to double our monthly leads in a short period of time - while maintaining the same quality. And that's across channels in SEA, social and programmatic display. We have rarely experienced such a high level of commitment and such a transparent exchange as with BlueOak.

Martin Reinecke
Yello Strom GmbH

Genius Invictus X7

After just half a year, we have been able to continuously increase our online generated sales thanks to BlueOak. In my opinion, BlueOak's cross-platform optimization, in addition to the entrepreneurial model for marketing our broad product range, is quite crucial for success.

Marc Andre Kaulen
Genius GmbH


For us as a startup, the efficiency of our marketing efforts is absolutely critical to our business, even though we sell partially offline. BlueOak flashed us with its pure KPI compensation. After we defined suitable KPIs for our branding-oriented campaigns together with BlueOak with the help of, they created exactly the right ads, played them out and optimized them again and again with their tool.

Marc Böhle
Jean&Len GmbH


Let's talk openly

You want to know which KPI fits your marketing goals? And at what conditions it can be achieved? Tell us what you have in mind. And we'll tell you if and how it's possible. Honestly guaranteed.


All channels: Full success

Everything from a single source. BlueOak supports you from creation to consulting to media delivery. Whether you use individual channels or all of them together. Even if you need advertising material or consulting: You only pay according to the agreed KPIs.

RGA Ad Creation

You know your KPIs. We develop effective banners and ads for them. Best of all, we pre-finance them. Only your success is our success.


Video campaigns, dynamic creative ads or appealing retargeting campaigns: With a lot of passion, we manage your display or video ads with lasting success.

Social Media Marketing

We reach your prospects with audience targeting and channel-optimized ads. Advertise cross-platform 100% KPI-focused on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok or Linkedin.

Amazon Advertising

Sponsored Products, Display Ads or Amazon Video/TV Ads - use the enormous potential of the most important eCommerce platform with us. Purely KPI-based, of course.

Search Engine Ads

Search is an essential part of the customer journey. We combine our BLUEOAK platform with Google's Smart Bidding Technology. We guarantee the result with your KPIs.


Let's revolutionize the market together!

Want more fairness and personal responsibility on the job? In our start-up, we treat each other the same way we treat our customers: as equals and open to new ideas. This is how we will revolutionize the media business. We are looking forward to your application!


Let's talk openly

You want to know which KPI fits your marketing goals? And at what conditions it can be achieved? Tell us what you have in mind. And we'll tell you if it's possible. Honestly guaranteed.