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Online Ads incl. guaranteed website engagement

Too little going on on your website? Keep visitors and stimulate the interactions you want. We work with you to develop KPIs for more engagement on the website. Then we optimize your online ad campaigns and soon something stirs.


Cost per action

What do you want to achieve? Visits, longer time on site, further clicks, downloads or sales? Our experts work with you to determine which goals can be achieved by which means, in what time frame, and at what cost. We tell you very honestly what works and what doesn't, what promises success and what only burns money. After all, we bear the risk for your success.

Whether search, social or programmatic display ads. Our BLUEOAK platform and our experts optimize your campaigns based on your KPI. You only pay if we achieve it.

Cost per Action

Exemplary customer from the electricity provider sector

Initial situation
New launch of an innovative product by a nationally active electricity provider.

Start of collaboration using a CPC model in the area of performance display, which was already optimized for leads (applications). After setup and test phase (2 months), switch to 100% cost per lead billing and expansion of channels to social networks and search.

Continuous increase of generated leads from 40 at the end of the test phase to over 200 leads per month within five months. Responsible for over 70% of all online leads with a budget share of 32%.

Case Strom

Let's talk openly

You want to know which KPI fits your marketing goals? And at what conditions it can be achieved? Tell us what you have in mind. And we'll tell you if it's possible. Honestly guaranteed.