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Successfully place brand and product messages

Where the target group mix is becoming more fragmented and consumers are scattered across a variety of media, a lot does not automatically help much. The old recipe of relying on TV, nationwide radio spots and print ads with large budgets mostly lead to nothing. We show you how to fence with the agile sword and leave the axe in the house thanks to programmatic advertising, addressableTV spots and platform data targeting.


Cost per completed view

Video campaigns that get noticed: We realize your programmatic video campaigns on SmartTVs in classic TV, on Amazon, YouTube or with video ads on renowned websites.

You only pay for each 100% viewed video ad. This makes successful branding campaigns possible even with a small budget.

Cost per completed view

Exemplary customer from the area of children's fashion

Initial situation
First TV campaign of an eCommerce store for children's fashion to increase the number of new customers was to be accompanied digitally.

Guarantee of 6.7 million completed views at a guaranteed cost per completed view within four weeks in the relevant target group.

86.1% of all videos played were viewed (view through rate). ROAS 72% higher than in the parallel TV campaign (measured using voucher codes).


Let's talk openly

You want to know which KPI fits your marketing goals? And at what conditions it can be achieved? Tell us what you have in mind. And we'll tell you if it's possible. Honestly guaranteed.