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Online ads that generate traffic

We offer you online ads (display or social) that are noticed and effective. With traditional media agencies, you usually pay for each ad (CPM/CPM billing). With BLUEOAK, you only pay for success.


Cost per qualified click

We buy the advertising space. You wait calmly to see if it generates clicks. Only then we will invoice you. We make a clear distinction between whether the click was triggered by humans or machines, using ad verification and bot filtering programs. You only pay for human visitors (cost per qualified click).

The clicks decide where your budget goes. Our BLUEOAK platform delivers your ads precisely where they are most likely to succeed: Google DV360, TradeDesk, Active Agent, Facebook/Instagram, Amazon DSP, TikTok, Linkedin ...

Cost per qualified click

Exemplary customer from the field of car sales

Initial situation
Nationwide car dealer wants digital marketing of a manufacturer-side sales promotion.

Guarantee a fixed CPC for in-market users from regions where the company has sales outlets.

32,000 clicks within four weeks with an average click rate (CTR) of more than 0.3%.


Case Auto

Let's talk openly

You want to know which KPI fits your marketing goals? And at what conditions it can be achieved? Tell us what you have in mind. And we'll tell you if it's possible. Honestly guaranteed.