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DRWN Background

Survival of the fittest

With DRWN, we manage your campaigns across multiple DSPs, social media platforms, and search engines with the goal of maximizing your KPIs. Genetic algorithms optimize budget usage in every single strategy every day. Over and over again.


Survival of the fittest

DRWN breaks down all walled gardens and puts them in perfect budget competition. This enables holistic campaign optimization for the first time. The target and the associated KPI is the decisive evaluation basis.


Digital marketing is measurable ...

... but above all also totally dynamic.
Static planning on a weekly or monthly basis leaves important optimization levers unused. Because by the time the plan is implemented, the situation has already changed many times. Nowadays, we no longer navigate through the streets with an atlas, but use apps with real-time data such as Google Maps or Apple Maps. Thanks to real-time data, we know exactly where traffic is currently backed up, where an accident has occurred, or which road is closed. The advantage is obvious. We reach our destination faster. DRWN also works according to this principle.

Maximum outcome through daily Darwinian optimization

We optimize the complete set-up every day. Every campaign, every insertion order, every line item. That makes an average of 630 optimizations per month.

All data at a glance thanks to neartime reporting

DRWN is not a black box. You have full insight into the campaign at any time and see daily updated values in any level of detail. Export the desired data with one click.

Optimal comparability through cross-platform data harmonization

Every DSP, social platform or search engine needs its own tracking. DRWN harmonizes these trackings so we don't compare apples with oranges.

Customized dashboard so that each user has the optimal benefit

Create custom dashboards once and always see what's relevant to you. All data updates itself completely automatically for you.

Messages and alerts, so that important information reaches the recipient directly

DRWN contains extensive messenger and alert functions. In the campaign chat all systemic and individual messages are displayed for you. You can ask questions and start a dialog directly in the system. The DRWN team is always quick to assist you.

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Dashboard Everything at a glance

Choose from different widgets and create your own personal dashboard with all the numbers and data you need. Visualize relevant key figures in any form and always stay up to date.

DRWN Screenhot dashboard


Reporting Transparency for our customers

Integrate reporting into your personal dashboard in seconds. Once created, the reporting updates automatically every day. Export to other systems is possible with just a few clicks. You always have the latest figures for every meeting without having to prepare anything extra.

DRWN Screenshot Reporting


Campaigns Walled gardens were yesterday

DRWN enables multiple campaigns to be harmonized and thus optimized across platforms. Breaking down platform-specific silos is the game changer in KPI achievement. DRWN pulls all relevant campaign data via API, harmonizes and analyzes it, and then allocates budgets at the most granular level.

DRWN Screenshot Kampagne


Tracking Use all data without additional tracking

Correct data is the basis of every data-driven decision. For this reason, we ensure that campaign data from the purchasing platforms is harmonized exactly and that there can be no false derivations. To do this, DRWN uses data from web analytics systems and the digital shopping platforms (DSPs, social media, search engines, etc.). Additional tracking from DRWN itself is not necessary.

DRWN Screenshot Kampagne-bearbeiten


Optimization Control and optimization with AI power

DRWN analyzes daily in depth which LineItems and AdGroups really help to achieve the KPI. Based on this analysis, budgets are calculated on a pro rata basis that maximize the KPI and conserve the advertising budget. Based on the principle of genetic algorithms or the principle of "survival of the fittest".

DRWN Screenshot Optimierung


Scaling No matter if local set-up, global or multi-market

No matter how many targets they have, how many markets they serve, how many products they distribute or campaigns they have, DRWN keeps track for them. Technological scalability without limits.

DRWN Screenshot Skalierung

Fast. Safe. Stable.

Data Storage

DRWN retrieves all relevant campaign data from all platforms on a daily basis and stores it in AWS databases.

Scalable Hosting

The DRWN infrastructure is completely scalable. Fast loading times and up-to-date data are the result.


DRWN is accessible via the web on all devices and available at any time.


We place the highest value on the best possible data protection, which we demonstrate in regular audits.


DRWN does not process personal data related to a campaign.


All DRWN modules and functionalities are continuously monitored by external tools.


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