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BlueOak's comprehensive set of technologies accelerates your mobile web and app design and development efforts.

Design Elements

Speed up design process with free widget sets for Axure and Sketch


Kickstart front-end development with open source components to get you coding faster


Power mobile apps or sites with BlueOak Server, a RESTful API using Node.js and the Swagger/Open API

Align your UX and visual design efforts and focus more on what matters by using the BlueOak component libraries for Axure and Sketch to accelerate the design process while maintaining creative freedom. The kit, based on Foundation's Kitchen Sink, provides designers of all levels a clean, modern starting point to design for mobile faster and more efficiently.

The Axure 8 Libraries provides:

  • Page Elements, a replacement UI component set
  • Callout widgets to document wireframes
  • Screens and grids for common phone, tablet, and desktop views
  • Flow chart elements to match your wireframe

The Sketch Library provides:

  • Symbols of the Foundation UI Components
  • Flexible Grid Symbols for all screen sizes
  • Preset Document Colors based on Foundation presets

BlueOak FE pre-integrates high-quality open source components and automates common tasks to simplify and accelerate development. With greater consistency and fewer bugs, developers can focus efforts on functions that deliver increased busines value.

BlueOak FE integrates open source components, such as AngularJS 1.x, Foundation for Sites, Cordova, Gulp, Browsersync, Swagger/OpenAPI, with a best-of-breed build system to reduce the amount of time spent on the table stakes of app development. Components provide higher level UI tasks, such as Googe maps and, and utilizing BlueOak DX along with FE provides a common design language across your teams resulting in greater efficiencies in your UI development.

BlueOak Server, built on Swagger/Open API, combines the best Node.js libraries into a single tool for building RESTful APIs. It uses Express under the covers and adds many additional features:

  • Easy configuration
  • Clustering
  • Logging
  • Dependency Injection

Using Swagger API to drive runtime behavior, BlueOak Server loads your Swagger API spec, connects the paths it defines to your implementation code, exposes that API to the network and validates that every request is well-formed per your spec. BlueOak Server will even generate documentation using swagger-ui.

Licensing: BlueOak is an open source project licensed under the terms of the MIT license